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Ms Anju Joy


Ms Anju Joy is a highly experienced and passionate audiologist based in the beautiful coastal town of Devonport, Tasmania. As the name implies, Ms Joy has been the joyous presence across the communities of Northwest Tasmania in delivering quality hearing Health care solutions since 2014. A trusted name among clients and audiologists, Ms Joy holds BASLP from University of Kerala, India. Ms Joy is a fully qualified audiologist accredited by Australian College of Audiology (AcAud) and maintains her CPD.

Ms Joy is a registered practitioner for Commonwealth Hearing Services program, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), work cover and Medicare.

Ms Joy is also a proud member of Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA). IAA is an incorporated association of audiologists who own and operate their own practices.

About Us

Why Choose Us

As a vital system in human body, the auditory system plays a phenomenal role in connecting us to the world around us through ‘Hearing’. One among the most complex and sensitive mechanisms in the human body, hearing health however is often overlooked by people due to reasons not limited to lack of awareness, ignorance, remoteness, limited access to qualified hearing health professionals and affordability. Such ignorance in the longer term develops to more complex conditions of hearing loss adversely affecting the individual’s quality of life and mental well-being.

As an accomplished audiologist, Ms Joy had worked closely with the communities of Deloraine, Devonport and Burnie over the past several years helping people from diverse backgrounds in providing quality hearing health care solutions. With the interactions with community and people, Ms Joy is motivated to make a difference by addressing those significant gaps between the community and industry that separates clients from receiving best quality hearing healthcare solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Joy of Hearing was thus founded based on the three main pillars of Community, Culture of Care and Compassion with the vision of transforming the mere ‘experience of hearing’ to sheer ‘Joy of Hearing’ through a range of options featured to draw clients closer to the help they need in receiving quality hearing health solutions tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

About our founding pillars


Putting Community at the forefront, Joy of Hearing was founded as 100% Tasmanian to deliver our local brand promise to client’s specific needs that traditional style chain clinics might not offer. We are not obligated to any particular hearing aid manufacturer, our top priority is always in delivering the best solutions to our clients.

Culture of Care
As how your family GP knows you over many years, nurturing a Culture of Care enables a positive client-clinician relationship where the clinician becomes well aware of their client’s specific needs and offers solutions that best suit client’s circumstances with no compromise in the quality of care. In return, our practice aims to benefit and grow from the positive experiences and feedback that our happy clients pass on in the community.
Joy of hearing has compassion embedded in our core values for winning our trust and building our reputation among clients and community.

Our Speciality

What distinguishes
us from others

It’s not all about hearing aids:

Business models of majority of today’s traditional audiology clinics that are either owned by hearing aid manufacturers or part of larger chains have left behind a widespread misunderstanding among people that hearing healthcare is all about hearing aid promotion campaigns. However, at Joy of Hearing, we clearly understand that hearing aids are NOT the only ultimate solution for all hearing needs.

We also have:

  • ENT referrals system where hearing could be regained by medical or surgical procedures.
  • ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices) where people have only a borderline loss and would like to hear tv better or alarms etc.
  • Cochlear Implant Australia referrals where one’s hearing needs can not be optimized with hearing aids.
  • Ear protection Devices and sleeping plugs
  • Tinnitus management
  • Wax Removal ( Manual, Irrigation, Suction)

Freedom of saying No:

Joy of Hearing is a 100% Tasmanian with clients and community at the forefront, where we are not obligated to any particular hearing aid manufacturer with the purpose of solely selling hearing aids.

At our practice, we understand what is best for client and hence walking into our clinic doesn’t necessarily mean that you are walking out with hearing aids. We aim Joy of Hearing to be a place where the client can freely discuss their hearing concerns and we provide obligation free advice on hearing rehabilitation. The client can gather all information that they need to know during a detailed consultation to help them make informed choices. At Joy of Hearing, we always respect client’s decision and reserve their freedom to say ‘No’ if they are not comfortable.

Freedom of choice:

At Joy of Hearing, we have hearing aid solutions from all reputed and genuine hearing aid manufacturers, the freedom you will never experience from larger chain clinics that will offer limited manufacturers who own the clinics or rebranded the hearing aids to their brand. We support improved patient ownership of their hearing health through informed decision making by the patient and clinician, not by a larger entity.

7-day Obligation FREE trial of any devices:

Joy Of Hearing offer FREE trial of the devices before you even pay for it. At the end of the trial, you can either keep the aids and finalise the invoice (payment plan is available) or return the aids or trial different aids. The reason behind this is we want you to get the best solution for your hearing to match your expectation.


Your Audiologist at Joy of Hearing is experienced in carrying out comprehensive hearing assessments and doing proper referrals where needed in timely manner. Ms Joy has hands on experience for programming and fine tuning of majority of hearing aids from leading genuine hearing aid manufactures like Phoank, Oticon, Bernafon, Siemens, Sivantos, Signia, GN Resound, Starkey, Widex etc and also rebranded / white labelled hearing aids such as amplifon and specsavers. This indicates that the door of “Joy of Hearing” is open for everyone who struggles with their hearing aids.


We realise that “Hearing aids sold doesn’t mean that hearing loss is solved” . At Joy of Hearing, we will never leave your concerns unattended. We will be there for you throughout your journey to better hearing. We have your hearing health interests at heart and will work with you to reach your true hearing potential no matter how often you need to see us. To help with that we have follow up system 1 month, 3 months and from there every 12 months.


Independent Audiologists Australia

Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA) is an incorporated association of audiologists who own and operate their own practices. As a member of the IAA,  Joy of Hearing support ethical and independent practice.  We offer patient centred care which is evidence based and represents best practice within a health care model. Also, we abide by a stringent code of ethics by IAA and AcAud ( Australian College of Audiology) and continuously educate and upgrade our skills and knowledge.

Brands we work with

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